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Fool With A Gun

Posted on December 27, 2011 with 1 comment

Please Take Humans Off The Endangered Species List.
This song is not Anti-Gun or Anti-any weapon or device. 
This song is about the senseless acts of violence committed against innocent human beings by people using guns.
This is a plea to all citizens of this planet who have open hearts and minds, begging them to please not kill another human being who is not posing a direct threat to their life, safety, health or property or that of their loved ones.
As liberal as I consider myself to be, I do not consider Guns or other weapons to be necessarily evil like so many other liberals do.
Due to the very violent nature of the society in which we live, I think they are a “Necessary Evil”.
I know that there are many victims, (both living and dead), or families of victims who wish those victims had a weapon available to defend themselves against their attackers.
Just like everything else on this planet, I think that Guns and other weapons are necessary for protection [...]
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I Miss You "Lady T"

Posted on January 3, 2011 with 0 comments

I miss you so much "Lady T". Thank you for the SOUL. You will remain in my heart forever. RIP

To all who read and responded to issues covered in the newsletter, you can now interact with me and each other here at the new G.R.C. Records Blog.

You can make suggestions,share your opinions about a particular subject with me and with other Greg Coleman and G.R.C. Records Fans and Friends.

I hope that you will join me here and become an active participant.

We are facing some very exciting times in our world today, but we are also facing some very difficult and dangerous situations also, that need to be addressed, if we are to expect positive outcomes.

Please join me here and share your opinions, ideas, suggestions and any other important information or knowledge that you have that can make this country and the world a better place now, and in the future.

Thank you,


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